Gabriella's Silk Designs for Kings, Queens and Vababonds
Gabriella's Silk Designs for Kings, Queens and Vababonds

About the Artist

Gabriella Ehrmann

Since I can remember I have had a passion for hand made wearable and decorative art and crafts. Textiles, in particularly Silk, from all over the world fascinated me and it was just natural to creatively express myself in working with that medium. Colours are a very important part in my scarves, textile mixed wraps, pictures, prints and cards.

The colours which are beautifully represented in the silk, the movement of the fabric and its feel is a very important aspect I incorperate in my designs. I get my inspirations from my upbringing in Europe and its culture, and while living for many years in the tropical part of Australia through its rich and lush nature.

Fauna and Flora represented in different countries like Australia, Switzerland, Europe or Africa, the circus and theatre, astrology and mythical themes grab my attentions.

Coming from the background of dancing and acting you will discover sometimes a story or meaning in my wearable and decorative art as well as I just like to express harmony and beauty. It does not matter which art form you choose, the principles of artistic work stays the same.

In receiving a piece of my work, I wish to make the person receiving it, feel special.

My customers shall feel regal like a King, beautiful like a Queen.... or free and happy like a Vagabond.

Catering for Kings, Queens and Vagabonds

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