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Gabriella's Silk Designs for Kings, Queens and Vababonds

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Inspired by the nature, the theatre and the circus textile artist Gabriella Ehrmann has created that range of wearable art for you to be different.

This range consists of luxury scarves and wraps which will either stand out or will accentuate an outfit. Silks, textiles and all sorts of fibres are used and then decorated and enhanced with beads, sequences or Swarovski crystals. Most of those creations have a matching name.

The scarves and wraps are packed in a gift box with an extra sparkle of love.


Silk is the gold of the fabrics.... What is closer for a textile artist than to use her skills and medium to work it into jewellery?

Collar necklaces and matching cuff bracelet existing of silk and different textiles with beads and sequences. Silks and different textiles carefully stringed into a bold strand necklace and bracelet or attractive belts in two sizes. They are great assesoires for the confident.


In those hand crafted pictures Gabriella Ehrmann captures the nature in a abstract but quirky way. Mixed textile fibres are serving as a base. A three dimensional object finishes off this little piece of art.

The pictures come matted in rectangular and square, or on a canvas in 2 sizes. Finished off with a story they are cellophane packed .


Please note all prices are in Australian Dollars

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